Poll: Your favorite open source gift

Poll: Your favorite open source gift
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(3 votes)
Which open source gift do you want the most this holiday season?
7.1% (12 votes)
Atmega32u4 Breakout Board
5.9% (10 votes)
5.9% (10 votes)
Magnatune subscription
3.5% (6 votes)
6.5% (11 votes)
Raspberry Pi
47.1% (80 votes)
Motorola Motoactv
7.1% (12 votes)
Other (tell us in the comments)
17.1% (29 votes)

Check out the open source gift guide and if you'd like a chance to win an iNecklace, Atmega32u4 Breakout Board, or MintyBoost, you have until Friday, December 2 to enter.

What other gifts our on the top of your list this year?

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Marjana's picture

A membership in Free Software Foundation

seth's picture
Open Source Evangelist

Nice one. Great idea for a gift!

For me it was a toss-up between the Raspberry Pi and the Magnatune sub. I think both are great ideas. But FSF or even EFF membership is also a great idea.

Lal Krishna's picture

Must win Squeezebox

dragonbite's picture
Open Minded

Aww.. can only choose 1. All of them look like cool gifts.

MrDeeds's picture
Community Member

What I really want this Christmas is a gift voucher to go and buy all the neat Linux devices that are coming on the market now and In the future. Now where should I start at the letter A or maybe the letter Z.