Do you use open source when completing your NCAA tournament bracket?

Do you use open source when completing your NCAA tournament bracket?
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(4 votes)
How do you make your NCAA tournament selections?
I make the picks myself
21.1% (16 votes)
I crowdsource my selections
10.5% (8 votes)
I conduct research based on available data
11.8% (9 votes)
I choose based on mascots
56.6% (43 votes)

The craziness of March basketball is here. Sports fans and offices around the world are filling out NCAA tournament brackets. Can open source help you make the right picks?

You might prefer to make the picks yourself based on your own basketball knowledge. Maybe you crowdsource your selections based on previous picks or expert opinions. Or are you one of those people that spends hours digging through all the data and stats available?

No matter how you make your picks, even if it's based on which team has the better mascot, how does open source influences your selections?

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Hunter Wise's picture

A little of everything. Still working on the perfect formula, though.

jhibbets's picture
Open Source Sensei

I think my bracket is ready to rock. Got a few upsets picked (NC State beating Georgetown of course) and Ohio State wins it all.

Final four: Kentucky, UNC, Missouri, and Ohio State.
Go Pack!


akalata's picture

Are there any open-source implementations for creating brackets and managing a group's predictions? My office pool is looking for a customizable solution for next year.

BTW, I'm pretty sure "NCAA" is not a trademark of a broadcasting company (, though I don't know about the other terms usually associated with the event: March Madness, Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, Final Four, Big Dance, etc...

jhibbets's picture
Open Source Sensei

I do not believe there are any open source bracket tools. I did hear about something in the work last year but can't remember the name of it or if it's still around.