5 things you didn't know about Istio

5 things you didn't know about Istio

Learn how Istio helps address microservices challenges, in this talk from All Things Open 2018.

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Microservices are rapidly rising in utilization, but their advantages are offset by the operational challenges reported by early adopters. Istio is one of the platforms that has emerged to make microservices environments simpler for enterprise IT teams. Istio is an open service mesh platform that enables developers to connect, observe, secure, and control microservices.

In her Lightning Talk at All Things Open 2018, October 23 in Raleigh, NC, IBM senior technical staff member Lin Sun shared "5 things you didn't know about Istio."

Watch her talk to learn more about the platform.

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About the author

Lin Sun - Lin is an Istio contributor and maintainer, a member of the Istio steering committee and technical oversight committee. She is passionate about new technologies and love to play with them. She is a master inventor, currently, holds 100+ patents filed or pending with USPTO along with hundreds of articles published at IP.com.