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Almost all content on is licensed under CC BY-SA, Creative Commons (CC) Attribution-ShareAlike.

We encourage you submit your article to us under this license, however you can attribute it however you see fit. We simply update the information in your article to reflect that. 

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Any source materials you use must also be licensed under terms that permit further reuse. Source materials must be (1) in the public domain; (2) licensed under a CC-BY or CC-BY-SA license; or (3) licensed to you by the original artist with the necessary rights. If your source materials are under a CC license, you will need to also provide the necessary attribution to the original work.

Repurposing our work

Notice that most images on the site have a CC-BY-SA indicia in the lower right corner. This means the image was completely original or has been created using openly available assets and reintroduced in its new form under a CC-BY-SA license for others to use.

Beneath the image we hyperlink sources from which assets were pulled. If the source says "" a member of the team has created the image from scratch and has published it using a CC-BY-SA license.  When you reuse the work on our site, please use the information given for each image in the required attribution.

In very limited circumstances, such as current events, we may need to use an image that is not licensed under Creative Commons. These images will not display the CC-BY-SA indicia and should not be repurposed.