An open letter to Flying Dog for more open source beer

Bring back the open source beer project

Open source beer.
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Dear Flying Dog,

I know that you've moved from your cozy spot in Denver, Colorado to Frederick, Maryland, but you've had time to settle in. It's time for you to revitalize the Open Source Beer Project.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to try the Wild Dog Collaborator Dopplebock (love the name by the way). But where is version 1.1? What's on tap for the next beer collaboration project?

Collaborator Label

Image credits: Collaborator label, Flying Dog Brewery

I'm not a brewer, just a consumer. And it looks like the first project was a success. The world has changed since the first project. The world is more attuned to open source ways. People are starting to understand that we can collaborate and participate in all aspects of life, beyond open source software development. The Open Source Beer Project is a great example of this.

As you say, “good people drink good beer.” Well, for the next version maybe we could go with, “collaborate to make an open beer.” I'm ready to sample the next open source beer, so let's get started.

It's happy hour somewhere,
Jason Hibbets

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