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More ratings, please

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Given the interest in my earlier article about a scorecard for open source and my own rough-and-ready benchmark proposal, I’d be interested in seeing how well the benchmark works at rating a variety of open source projects. If you’re familiar enough with a project to be willing to have your name associated with rating it, please complete the table below in the same style as my own evaluation of OpenJDK. Cut and paste into an e-mail and send the completed table to me. After review, I’ll publish all valid good-faith submissions on my blog.

Rule Data Evaluation Score
Instructions Provide sample extracts from public sources supporting your evaluation, together with links Read the Benchmark. Evaluate as objectively as possible, and conclude with a rationale for the score you are giving. Score -1 for a rule where the governance implementation detracts from open-by-rule; score 0 for implementations that have an overall neutral effect; score +1 for implementations that contribute positively to an open-by-rule community. “Open/Meritocratic/Oligarchy” scores between -3 and +3, evaluating for each word. I’ll review your submission before publication, so don’t worry too much :-)  
Open, Meritocratic Oligarchy     +/-3
Modern license     +/-1
Copyright aggregation     +/-1
Trademark policy     +/-1
Roadmap     +/-1
Multiple co-developers     +/-1
Forking feasible     +/-1
Transparency     +/-1
    Summary (scale -10 to +10) +/-3
Project name  
Project URL  
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