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Take the Ada Initiative census

Posted 28 Mar 2011 by 

Ruth Suehle (Red Hat)
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Have you taken the Ada Initiative Census? Nearly 2,000 people have taken part so far to help measure women's participation and representation in open technology and culture. “We want to know what women are working on and how each community’s culture affects women,” said Ada Initiative co-founder Valerie Aurora. “We also want to know where to direct our work in helping women in the community.”

The Ada Initiative is a non-profit formed earlier this year to promote women's participation in open technology and culture. “Open technology and culture are shaping our future and must reflect all people. Involving more women in the creation of our future is a critical step in building a healthy Internet world,” said Mitchell Baker, chair of the Mozilla Foundation. The Ada Initiative's goal is to focus on programs that help companies and projects improve how they work with and involve women, including recruitment and training for women and education for community members.

Regardless of gender, if you participate in any open technology field--open {source, data, stadards, government, etc.}, Creative Commons, free culture, hackerspaces, DIY/maker community, or on wikis, remixes, or transformative works (including fanfic, art, etc.), you're invited to take the census.

But do it soon. The Ada Initiative Census closes tomorrow, at midnight Pacific time on Tuesday, March 29th, 2011.

Ruth Suehle leads community marketing for Red Hat's Open Source and Standards team, including the Fedora Project and is the moderator of the Life channel here on opensource.com. She's co-author of Raspberry Pi Hacks