Contest to celebrate Ouya's official release; an open source game console

Ouya gaming contest offers $45,000 in prizes with judge Felicia Day and others

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Last fall, 63,416 people donated $8.5 million to help the creation of an Android-based, open source gaming console. Ouya's Kickstarter project had donations of $95 or more from 58,211 people who wanted the first shot at this console that didn't yet exist. (If you weren't one of them, you can pre-order them now at

To celebrate Ouya's official release (dev kits began shipping in December), Kill Screen is sponsoring a 10-day game jam called CREATE to get developers to create some great games very quickly.

They've got a killer slate of judges ready and waiting to award $45,000 in prizes:

  • Felicia Day (The Guild, Geek and Sundry, other geek greatness)
  • Adam Saltsman (creator of Canabalt and Hundreds)
  • Phil Fish (creator of Fez)
  • Alexis Madrigal (Atlantic Monthly)
  • Austin Wintory (Grammy-nominated and Sundance Audience Award winner, composer of the scores for 300 games)
  • Ed Fries (co-creator, Xbox and OUYA advisor)
  • Joanne McNeil (former editor, and writer)
  • Zach Gage (creator of SpellTower and artist)

Developers anywhere in the wolrd are welcome to submit playable prototypes (not necessarily complete games, but playable) from January 14 - 23. You'll also need to submit a YouTube video showing it off for those who don't get to play it.

The grand prize is $20,000, but every finalist gets an Ouya dev console and an invite to an Ouya unveiling attempt. Finalists in each category will be announced February 11 and winners on February 18.

Ready to get started? You do need to pre-order an Ouya first or have backed the Kickstarter. Then head over to the Ouya developer portal and start creating. (You can get started now, but full contest details won't be posted until the competition begins.)

Good luck!

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