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Kaltura Connect is all about online video. From June 13-18 in New York City, 1,000+ attendees including developers, experts, thoughts leaders and executives from small businesses to global enterprises, universities, and educational organizations will gather to join insightful sessions, workshops, round-tables, and parties about new products and a wide range of topics. Topics include OTT TV, video-based sales and marketing, video-powered learning and training, creating social and personalized experiences with video, the use of video by large cloud vendors, air droids and more.

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Video hackathon during event

During the conference, on the weekend of June 13-15, developers, designers and teams are invited to build innovative video applications and services showcasing new and creative video experiences in the VideoX Weekend Hackathon. The event features a $50,000 grand prize. Participants who submit a complete application will be invited to present their apps to a crowd of over 1,000 attendees at the Kaltura Connect closing keynote. App creators will also be encouraged to polish and submit their apps to the Kaltura Exchange marketplace. These participants will receive guidance in commercializing their applications and on joining Kaltura’s Technology Partners Program. Submit your idea.

5 ideas for cool projects with Kaltura:

  1. Content interaction tool
  2. Video challenge app
  3. Instant instruction video scanner
  4. Festival video stitcher
  5. Upload anywhere widget

Content interaction tool

Wouldn’t it be great if you could create custom interactions right from the Flash or HTML5 studio so at certain places in the video you can trigger overlays, links, etc? Similar working to the YouTube annotation tool, but then with the possibility to add images, pause the video or trigger custom events outside the player. This idea can be used both in commercial applications where it will allow you to create your own ads without using an external network and in learning applications, where it allows you to create interactions based on information shown in the video.

Video challenge app

We all know vine for creating short video clips, but wouldn’t it be cool to create an app that can be used to challenge your friends using video? Showing your skills in a predefined length, and allowing them to post a video response to that.

Instant instruction video scanner

Ever bought a product that was not quite so intuitive to use? Or getting lost in the instructions that IKEA supplies with their products? With a simple barcode scanner you can take a picture of a QR code, barcode or simply an object, and the app searches a library of videos to see whether there is an instruction video available for it.

Festival video stitcher

During festivals many people create short videos that capture a part of the experience. There is however a lot of overlap, and usually you never look at this video again. With an app you can combine the videos of all people, using the timestamp from when you capture the video, so you can stitch all videos together, essentially making a full festival experience video.

Upload anywhere widget

Let’s face it: flash is dead. What is missing however is a simple widget that you can use to upload video into Kaltura from anywhere you want. This idea would create a widget that can be included in any type of app or site featuring a super simple way to upload video directly into Kaltura. Support HTML5 but also other mechanisms to support a wide variety of browsers for uploading. Because face it, even though the KSU has simple in its name, it still Flash!

Have better ideas? Head over and submit your idea!

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