ALS Ice Bucket Challenges by open source companies

Open source leaders take the ice bucket challenge

Bucket full of ice
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Photo by Jason Hibbets

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Leaders from open source companies around the globe are getting involved in the ALS ice bucket challenge. The campaign has gone viral and has raised over $31.5 million dollars. My research led me to BlackDuck Software CEO and CFO who challenged their company to take get involved. They willingly did, then, BlackDuck nominated Acquia, Red Hat, and the Linux Foundation to step up to the plate.

From the shores of San Francisco Bay and Lake Michigan to a grassy knoll in Burlington, MA, I've collected videos of Jim Zemlin from the Linux Foundation, Jim Whitehurst from Red Hat, and Tom Erikson with the Acquia team, who all dumped a refreshing ice bucket bath on their head to accept their nominations.

Black Duck Software Ice Bucket Challenge

Acquia takes the Ice Bucket Challenge to strike out ALS!

Linux Foundation accepts Ice Bucket Challenge to #StrikeOut ALS

Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst accepts ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

If you know of other open source leaders who have taken the challenge, or if you are involved in open source and have accepted the challenge, send us the video in the comments.

Stay warm under those ice buckets!


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