Favorite Halloween games, the smallest C64 emulator, and more open gaming news

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Hello, open gaming fans! In this week's edition, we take a look at a few Halloween favorites, the smallest C64 emulator ever made, 12 new games out for Linux, and more.

Open gaming roundup for October 24 - 30, 2015

Memwa2: smallest C64 emulator

Called Memwa2, Staringlizard introduced a new project on Kickstarter, for what looks to be the smallest C64 emulator ever made. With a more powerful MCU and MicroSD, it supports USB keyboard and HDMI outputs. The project's goal is to create an easy platform based on open source software. Learn more about Memwa2 in this video.

Gaming on Linux game jam

In the tradition of the 48-hour film fests, or the Ludum Dare, a game development sprint was held by Gaming on Linux, which resulted in a 12 new open source games for Linux. Try them all!

Virtual Reality for more games

Vireio Perception is a company of open source VR drivers that allow you play games that are not otherwise virtual reality games, in virtual reality (VR). In recent news, Vireio announced the next step to extend with support for DX11. The video above shows the driver functioning for the game Bioshock. The drivers are available on GitHub under a GPL/LGPL license, with full instructions.

Pick of the week: Favorite Halloween games

Halloween is here! And, you might be looking for some great horror titles available on Steam. Pocket Gamer created a list, some of the titles are also supported for Linux on Steam. Happy Halloween gamer fans!

New games out for Linux

Alien: Isolation Collection

Alien: Isolation, the collection, is available for Linux, and can be downloaded from the Feral Store and on Steam.

Linux games News: In Alien: Isolation players take the role of Amanda, daughter of Ellen Ripley, the protagonist from Alien. Upon hearing that the flight recorder from her mother’s ship has been recovered, Amanda Ripley journeys to Sevastopol Station to discover her fate.

The Dwarf Run

The Dwarf Run, by Alexander Mirdzveli, is available on Steam for Linux. It's a classic turn-based RPG, "incorporating aspects from point-and-click adventure games." Read the full report on Games on Linux.

The Dwarf Run is an old-fashioned RPG featuring turn-based combat, elements of point-n-click adventure and intriguing story line.

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