23 #ILookLikeanEngineer women in open source to follow on Twitter

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During the past few weeks, women in computing have been posting photos of themselves on Twitter along with the hashtag #ILookLikeanEngineer. The posts are in response to an article by Isis Anchalee, This Is What an Engineer Looks like…. In her article, Isis explains that her photo was included in a recruiting campaign for her employer, and she was unprepared for the responses her image provoked. "Some people think I’m not making the right face. Others think that this is unbelievable as to what female engineers look like," she writes.

And then she put out a call for other people to help redefine "what an engineer should look like".

Women in a variety of computing roles responded. Some of the women officially hold a computer engineering job title or studied engineering in college, whereas others wear a range of technical hats professionally or for fun. I browsed through dozens of responses and pulled out a list of women in open source to follow on Twitter.

@abernathyca | Christine Abernathy

God, family, friends, sports, in that order.

@pipix | Alicia Gibb

as herself | aliciagibb.com

@sailorhg | sailor mercury

founder of bubblesort zines shop.bubblesort.io | computer scientist girl armed with a bubble gun | previously @airbnb @asimo @univ_of_tokyo @mit

@maco_nix | maco

#ArtsAndCraftsRevival #Quaker #SCAdian I'm a software engineer and think the Luddites had a point. amateur experimental archeologist. she/her

@CarlaSchroder | Carla Schroder

Technical writer at ownCloud, uber Linux geek, ace author of Linux books and articles, all-around tinkerer and doitmeselfer.

@LizQuilty | Liz Quilty

Linux Sysadmin at Rimuhosting, Arduino, robotics, code, hackering (not cracking), science! Over all - i'm amazingly awesome!

@sarahsharp | Sarah Sharp

Yocto/embedded developer, former Linux kernel developer, bicyclist, gardener, and geek.

@JLUnrein | Jess Unrein

Alumna of @devbootcamp @VISTAbuzz @knoxcollege1837. Doing the life thing, with moderate success.

@paperbackdragon | Heather

writer, reader, gamer, programmer, music and sushi lover

@adasilvaphd | A DaSilva

Scientist. Python coder. STEM educator. Always learning something new.

@RaeKnowler | Rae Knowler

Fearless #OpenData hunter, Python/PHP dev, feminist, science fiction fan, materials scientist at heart. They/their. @zarkonnen_com and I made @CrowdPee.

@rocketshipmom | Alex DeWolf

Expert on planetary data centers, currently @maven2mars & @UAEMarsMission. Mom, knitter, runner, former philologist. @Wellesley & @PeaceCorps alumna.

@violadolayinka | Viola O.

Software Engineering Fellow @Hackbright Academy. Formerly @FWD_us. Thriving & lovin it all at the same time! #Believer @Templeuniv grad. #Naija

@chit_raa | Chitra Singh

Dogs | Code | Design | Coffee

@nehanarkhede | Neha Narkhede

Co-founder @confluentinc, Co-creator of @apachekafka. Previously, streams infrastructure lead @LinkedIn, Globetrotter, Wannabe photographer

@thatdocslady | Mikey Ariel

Tech writer @ #RedHat. #writethedocs documentarian. #djangogirls organizer. Dancer. Videographer. Black-belt traveler. Will sleep when dead. I speak for myself.

@abbycabs | Abby Cabunoc Mayes

Lead developer, Mozilla Science Lab (@MozillaScience) (web + science = ♥) alum:@OICR_news @wormbase @uwaterloo // Fully known & truly loved

@SarahFrisk | Sarah Frisk

Where Code Meets Art. sarahfrisk.com

@skchinmayi | skchinmayi

hacker , wildlifer , photographer, feminist , traveler , adventurer.

@misshelenasue | Helena Zubkow

Front-end Drupal Developer @Lullabot • Accessibility Advocate @Accessibots • Paleontology Geek • Technicolor Soul

@kytrinyx | Katrina Owen

I make exercism.io.

@meghanhade | Meghan Hade

Urban planner, software engineer @mapzen, designer, runner, cyclist. Usually a San Franciscan but sometimes a San Franciscan'teven. meghan.io

@fulgenteft | Camille Teicheira

hackrrrrr. like riot grrrl, but this decade. | developer @mapbox

If you want to join the ranks of women working in computing, check out a follow-up article by Isis Anchalee, So You Want to Learn How to Code.

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