Hack on PlayStation 4, itch.io store app, and more open gaming news

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Hello, open gaming fans! In this week's edition, we take a look at a hack on PlayStation 4, the itch.io store app, another record for Steam, and more.

Open gaming news for January 2 - 8, 2016

PlayStation 4 running Linux

ExtremeTech and The Var Guy reported that during the Chaos Communication Congress in Germany a hack team called "failOverflow," used a bug in WebKit to gain access to the PlayStation 4 console and install Linux.

Itch.io store app for games needs translators

Itch.io, an open source app for installing games, is looking for translators. "Itch.io is an open marketplace for independent digital creators with a focus on independent video games." More info on the translation effort can be found on the itch.io community page.

Concurrent User record for Steam

On January 3, 2016 there were 12.3 million people who logged into their Steam accounts. It was a new record. Linux Game News writes, "It could be attributed to Christmas and New Years, when many students and adults were off and of course the Steam Winter Sale 2015."

Pick of the week: OBS Studio

While helping my son record and stream his gameplay, I found OBS Studio to help us with the job. I was impressed with its thorough feature set, and you can learn more about it from Seth Kenlon in this how-to article.

OBS Studio is a "free and open source software for video recording and live streaming." It's a multi-platform solution, supporting Windows, OSX, and of course, Linux. Tip: If you want to edit a recording of your gameplay, check out Blender. The two are a great open source combination for gamers who (want to) run a YouTube channel. 

New games out for Linux

The Bug Butcher

The Bug Butcher will be available on Steam for Linux on January 19. "From the minds of two former Blizzard developers gone indie, The Bug Butcher revives the old-school gameplay of Super Buster Bros."

A fast paced action shooter inspired by the arcade classic Super Pang! Use a wide selection of weapons and powerups to tear through increasingly challenging levels.



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