Seattle GNU/Linux Conference opens 2016 call for participation

SeaGL opens 2016 call for participation

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The Seattle GNU/Linux Conference (we like to call it SeaGL) has opened its call for participation for the 2016 event.

SeaGL welcomes speakers of all backgrounds and levels of experience—even if you've never spoken at a technical conference. If you're excited about GNU/Linux technologies or free and open source software, we want to hear your ideas.

The details:

  • November 11-12
  • Seattle Central College, 1701 Broadway Seattle, WA 98122
  • Cost: Free (as in beer)

The call for participation deadline is midnight PDT August 1. Submit your presentation here.

Our talk format is generally 50 minutes of speaking followed by 10 minutes of questions. Here are some topic ideas:

  • How to get involved in free and open source software
  • DevOps
  • Career tips and strategies
  • Web development tools
  • Policy and licensing affecting free and open source software development
  • Hardware, embedded Linux, or the Internet of Things
  • Scaling and optimizing GNU/Linux
  • The cloud and other distributed services
  • Building free and open source communities
  • Using free software at home, work, or school
  • Security and privacy online
  • Anything else that you think would be interesting to new or seasoned GNU/Linux enthusiasts

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, either by emailing or visiting us on Freenode IRC in #seagl.


About the author

Ted Cox - I'm a staff member for the Seattle GNU/Linux Conference. I also write documentation for open source projects.