Unity 5.5 on Linux, Halcyon 6, and more gaming news

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In this month's open gaming roundup, we take a look at the Unity 5.5 Linux beta and some exciting new releases for Linux and SteamOS.

Open gaming roundup for September 2016

Unity 5.5 beta comes to Linux

The Linux developers at Unity have shipped their first Unity editor build from a unified codebase: the beta build for Unity 5.5.

5.5 has some interesting updates, including:

  • Unity now uses the OpenGL core rendering backend, meaning your development environment must support OpenGL core profile 3.2 or later.
  • Experimental iOS project deployment support
  • Fixes crash issues when entering play mode in VR-enabled projects

This news has big implications for Linux gamers, as this release will hopefully make Linux a more enticing option for developers.

New games on Linux

Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander

Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander is a base-building strategy game that puts you at the helm of a federation on the brink of annihilation. From there, you're tasked with defending your base from alien invaders, space pirates, and other enemies.

You start the game by choosing a science, tactical, or engineering officer. Once you have your officer, it's time to get to work building spacecraft and fighting off alien attacks.


Hue is an award-winning puzzle and adventure game that lets players alter their world by changing its background color. This may not sound like anything special, but reviews indicate this is an interesting take on the genre.

You begin on a journey to find your missing mother in a dangerous grey land. Along the way, you unearth colored fragments and obstacles. Obstacles disappear as they match the background, creating new and exciting puzzles.


Pan-Pan is a unique game with puzzles and exploration at its core. You start off in an airship that almost immediately crash lands on an alien planet. As you explore the planet, you're sent on quests that require you to solve puzzles in exchange for help repairing your ship.


Refunct is an odd, yet refreshing first-person platformer where you're guided only by your senses. You're thrown into the game as soon as it loads without any kind of explanation or tutorial to guide you.

This non-violent game can be enjoyed by players of all skill levels without any tutorials.

Coming soon

Morning Men

Episodic adventure game Morning Men has a release date. Developer Pixel Federation has announced the game will arrive on Linux November 22.

Each Morning Men character has unique traits that can change based on decisions you make during your adventure.

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