Ambassadors program

The Open Organization Ambassadors Program

The Open Organization Ambassadors Program


The Open Organization Ambassadors Program identifies and spotlights management thought-leaders and members of the community who are exceptionally engaged in discussions regarding the management and leadership philosophy Jim Whitehurst outlines in his book, The Open Organization. Participants can use to discuss and evangelize open management and leadership practices.

Ambassadors will form a community of like-minded thinkers and practitioners who explore ways open source principles apply to (and ultimately reshape) management and leadership practices.

Together, the ambassador community will explore, extend, and move toward a second edition of The Open Organization, one written by the community, collaboratively, the open source way.


Led by community manager Jason Hibbets, the Open Organization team at will invite particularly engaged community members, thought-leaders, and practitioners to join the program. Contributors, authors, readers, and mailing list participants may also apply for candidacy by contacting the staff.

The program seeks individuals who are:

  • Leaders: standout community members making notable contributions on
  • Practitioners: community members enacting open organizational principles in their respective organizations
  • Evangelists: high-profile contributors who have garnered reputations as open organizational thought leaders

Membership Benefits

Members of the program receive the following benefits:

  • Opportunities to speak with author and Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst
  • Opportunities to influence future editions of The Open Organization
  • Five complimentary copies of The Open Organization (as well as stickers) to distribute to their professional networks
  • Opportunities to meet, interview, and interact with open source and open organization thought-leaders, advocates, and activists
  • Access to the ambassador community via electronic networks (mailing lists, social media groups, etc.)
  • Opportunities to network and engage with other ambassadors (in-person meetings, etc.) and to expand their professional networks
  • Advance notice of story ideas/writing opportunities
  • Access to a global publishing platform and distribution system
  • Priority assistance from the editorial team
  • Designation as an ambassador on

Optional perks include:

  • Invitation to ambassador meetings and calls (attendance is optional)
  • Invitation to an annual in-person ambassador meeting
  • Invitation to attend annual All Things Open conference held in Raleigh, NC in October

Membership Responsibilities

The program requires members to:

  • Provide with one article per month. Ambassadors can write original pieces or curate articles from writers in their respective professional networks; articles will cover pre-approved topics related to the management and leadership philosophy in The Open Organization.
  • Regularly promote open organization-themed content via social media outlets and other open source news, leadership, and management syndication venues (news aggregators such as Reddit, Hacker News, etc.)
  • Assist in leading the Open Organization reading group and other management-related and leadership-related discussions
  • Distribute copies of The Open Organization at pre-approved, high-profile events or to strategic people in their professional networks

Membership Duration

Ambassadors will serve a one-year minimum commitment. At the end of a term, ambassadors will discuss plans to renew or complete their commitments.