Careers in Open Source 2016

open source button on keyboard

The Careers in Open Source series is about the work people do, tips for succeeding in your career and building a resume, and advice for growing your network.

  1. How to choose a brand name for your open source project—by Chris Grams, President of New Kind
  2. How to interview for culture fit—by Sam Knuth, Customer Content Services team at Red Hat
  3. 5 tips for growing your developer community on GitHub—by Andrew Embler, CTO and co-founder of concrete5
  4. How to add open source experience to your resume—by Emily Dunham, DevOps Engineer for Mozilla Research
  5. Which open source personality type are you?—by Pete Savage, Senior Quailty Engineer for CloudForms at Red Hat
  6. How to choose the right brand architecture for your open source project—by Chris Grams, President of New Kind
  7. What it means to be an open source leader—by Jim Whitehurst, President and CEO of Red Hat
  8. 6 essential non-coding careers in open source—by Nithya Ruff, Head of SanDisk’s Open Source Strategy Office
  9. Job interview advice for sys admins—by Anderson Silva, Manager of Red Hat's IT Platform Operations
  10. Buffer sees clear benefits to transparent employee salary policy—by Bryan Behrenshausen, a Red Hat editor
  11. Are you using this highly effective interview technique?—by Dave Neary, on the Open Source and Standards team at Red Hat
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