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Open always wins: A Michael Tiemann collection

Download the free eBookMichael Tiemann is Vice President of Open Source Affairs at Red Hat and former President of the Open Source Initiative. He has written many articles for speaking to the power of the open source way, and part of his process has been to highlight the great ideas of others.

From his introduction:

Linus Pauling famously said “The best way to have a great idea is to have lots of ideas.” This is easier said than done, for many reasons. For me, the foremost reason is that nobody wants to be known for having a dumb idea, so we self-edit. If we self-edit too much, we end up having not a lot of ideas, so having a great idea becomes nearly impossible.

A second challenge is creating a space where ideas can combine, coalesce, catalyze, evolve, and, if they are truly great ideas, crystalize. Is that best space an isolated office where the mind of a lone genius can evaluate all and choose correctly the One Best Idea? Or is it better to open up the process to a diverse set of perspectives, up to and including every possible stakeholder in the outcome?

Glean insight from a true open source visionary and learn how can you apply those principles to your business, career, life, hobbies, and more with this eBook.

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