Getting Started in Open Source

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A series about how to get started in open source with tutorials, tips, and advice—plus, great open source projects and communities for those new to open source.

  1. 4 questions to ask before open sourcing a project—by Duane O'Brien, PayPal

  2. A first-timer's guide to getting started with open source code and communities—by D Ruth Bavousett

  3. 6 non-code contributions you can make to open source—by Safia Abdalla 

  4. How to improve tech skills while contributing to open source projects—by Sergey Bronnikov

  5. How getting started in open source can help your career—by Sergey Bronnikov

  6. Using Git in the classroom—by Michael Taggart

  7. Student-run help desk introduces teens to Linux—by Susan Black

  8. 5 keys to project success on GitHub—by Michael Glukhovsky

  9. 6 starting points for open source beginners—by Aleksandar Todorović

  10. 8 non-code ways to contribute to open source—by Jade Wang

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