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Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning are transforming how we understand and interact with our world and everything around us. Our articles explore this emerging field and how it affects everyone, from citizens to data scientists to large enterprises and governments.

Hands on a keyboard with a Python book

Get to know the foundational concepts behind natural language processing.
Hands on a keyboard with a Python book

Put the final polishes on your Mycroft skill by managing dependencies, debugging, collecting user-specific data, and getting everything into your Python code.
Brain on a computer screen

Artificial general intelligence (AGI) is on the way, and open source is key to achieving its benefits and controlling its risks.
Working from home at a laptop

Use Padatious, Adapt, conversational context, and dialogs to start programming your first voice AI.
A person looking at a phone

Planning is the essential first step in writing a skill and teaching Mycroft how to do what you want it to do.
Two diverse hands holding a globe

By using both human and machine-generated translations, key health phrases can be translated into local languages spoken all over the world.
Vector, generic Raspberry Pi board

Get started with machine learning by building a portable computer vision and motion tracking system on a budget.
A brain design in a head

Placing the fundamental building blocks of AI in the hands of the open source community is advancing AI in multiple industries.