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Analytics: Charts and Graphs

This dashboard enables anyone to review the global pandemic, a specific country's status, and compare data and trends across countries.
metrics and data shown on a computer screen

Emacs' versatility and extensibility bring the editor's full power into play for writing data science code.
Person standing in front of a giant computer screen with numbers, data

Apache Cassandra is built for speed and scalability; here's how to get the most out of those benefits.
Digital creative of a browser on the internet

Plausible Analytics is a leaner, more transparent option, with the essential data you need but without all the privacy baggage.
Colorful sound wave graph

I'll demonstrate how to create two visualizations of the spread of a virus across the globe, provided open data and using open source libraries.
Globe up in the clouds

Create a color coded geographic map of the potential spread of the virus using these open source scripts.
A graph of a wave.

Compare seven libraries and APIs for plotting in Python, and see which best meets your needs.
Open data brain

A detailed walkthrough of these useful predictive programs.