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Git is the version control system that serves as the foundation for GitHub, GitLab, and other open source services. Learn more about it in our six-part series that begins with What is Git?

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Compare the pros and cons of four options to switch branches while working in Git.
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Get more use out of Git by adding these commands to your repertoire.
Measuring and baking a cherry pie recipe

Learn the what, why, and how of the git cherry-pick command.
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Get freedom to try things out alongside the security of having a new, linked clone of your repository if your experiment goes wrong.
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Here is how I set up Git to manage my home directory.
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Learn how to use the git stash command and when you should use it.
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Git offers several ways you can quickly see which files changed in a commit.
Measuring and baking a cherry pie recipe

Cherry-picking solves a lot of problems in Git repositories. Here are three ways to fix your mistakes with git cherry-pick.