How to manage binary blobs with Git
Git has extensions for handling binary blobs such as multimedia files, so today we will learn how to manage binary assets with Git.
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How to build your own Git server
How to build a Git server, and how to write custom Git hooks to trigger specific actions on certain events (such as notifications), and publishing your code to a website.
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3 graphical tools for Git
A look at some convenience add-ons to help you integrate Git comfortably into your everyday workflow.
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How to restore older file versions in Git
How to find out where you are in the history of your project, how to restore older file versions, and how to make Git branches so you can safely conduct wild experiments.
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Creating your first Git repository
Now it is time to learn how to create your own Git repository, and how to add files and make commits.
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Getting started with Git
Learn the basics of working with Git from the command line in this easy-to-follow introduction.
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What is Git?
What is Git, and how can you use it to maintain your files in an organized way?
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Git in the classroom
Michael Taggart shares how he configured Git for use in his middle school programming classes.
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How to make compiling TeX documents easy while keeping track of different variants and versions.
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Git for Teams by Emma Jane Hogbin Westby is a good technology book, but it's the non-technical parts that make it excellent.
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