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Git is the version control system that serves as the foundation for GitHub, GitLab, and other open source services. Learn more about it in our six-part series that begins with What is Git?

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Using a .gitignore file is a best practice for improving the quality of your code and Git repositories.
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Work more effectively by using these Git collaboration strategies.
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Set up your console so you always know where you are and what to do next.
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Resist the urge to add things in Git that will make it harder to manage; here's what to do instead.
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Submodules and subtrees help you manage child projects across multiple repositories.
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Make everyone think you write perfect code the first time (and make your patches easier to review and merge).
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What do you do when developers change the same line of code in different ways?
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The Git Extras repo hosts more than 60 scripts that add to Git's basic functionality. Here's how to install, use, and contribute to it.