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Learn about using Java, a general-purpose, cross-platform programming language licensed under the GNU General Public License.

JBoss source code (Java) in Atom

When Java SE discontinued JNLP, my organization had to decide the best way to continue delivering a critical business app. Here's how we got there.
Data container block with hexagons

Learn to build a Grails-based data browser that lets users visualize complex tabular data.

REST services can be used for data access APIs, sending information from devices to the cloud, monitoring, and more.
Penguin driving a car

Hobbyists create an autonomous robotic car using Java, Raspberry Pi, machine learning, microservices, and more.
Write fast apps with Pronghorn, a Java framework

An alternative to Akka and RxJava, Pronghorn offers a scalable open source approach to creating secure, garbage-free apps.
Getting started with Jenkins Pipelines

Learn how to create pipelines using Cucumber and multibranch pipelines.
Eben with a Java hello world message

"Hello world" is the beginning of everything when it comes to computing and programming.

With so many options to choose from, you can find a Java IDE to meet just about any preference.