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Learn about using Java, a general-purpose, cross-platform programming language licensed under the GNU General Public License.

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Java must include these benefits to compete in the era of cloud-native, microservices, and serverless applications.
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Learn how to use the stream API and functional programming constructs in Java 8.
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Java is still evolving and going strong decades after its launch. Catch up with our hottest Java articles from 2019.
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Get started with Velocity, an open source, Java-based template engine and code generator that converts templates into source code.
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Compare the two most popular programming languages in the world, and let us know which one you prefer in our poll.
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Download our new Java cheat sheet to get a little control over all that dizzying Java syntax.
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Embrace Java applications on your desktop, and run them on all of your desktops.
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Arrays are a helpful data type for managing collections elements best modeled in contiguous memory locations. Here's how to use them effectively.