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Learn more about open source licensing, compliance, and licensing-related legal cases.

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Software Package Data Exchange makes it easier to understand the rights and responsibilities granted by different software licenses.
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For open source software, license information is embedded in the source code. To reduce complexity, you can generate different views.
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Just because a font is on your system doesn't mean you should use it any way you want.
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Free software, open source software, FOSS, FLOSS. Are they the same? Different? Does it matter?
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Clarity is key to avoid licensing ambiguity.
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Open source software is free like a puppy is free. Make sure you know the hidden costs and pitfalls before you adopt.
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Learn about different types of open source licenses and get answers to common licensing questions.
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Facebook's BSD+Patent license combo fails not because of the license itself, but because it ignores the deeper nature of open source.