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Jen Kelchner shows readers how open principles are changing the face of work and leadership in the 21st Century.

To survive Industry 4.0, think beyond the digital

At the heart of what we call "digital transformation" isn't just technology—it's people, too. When we forget that, we put our organizations in danger.
Yellow arrows going both ways with texture

Digital transformation is hard. This checklist helps make it easier.
Sparking change with less pain: An open approach

Digital transformation demands a new approach to change management. Openness provides it.
Digital transformation's people problem

Digital transformation involves technologies and humans. Unfortunately, we tend to ignore the latter when leading change.
Openness is key to working with Gen Z

Members of Generation Z operate openly by default. Are you ready to work with them?
Why I launched a consulting agency on open principles

Open principles are the best way to lead a workforce composed of four different generations.
5 elements for getting teams organized

Late last year, I was meeting with a business owner to whom I've been a trusted advisor for some...
Proof that openness scales

Lessons from Slaloms successful growth prove that openness scales.