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Python is a popular programming language in open source circles. Read the article collection to find out about Python's welcoming community, learn how to get started programming in Python, and scripts for improving your Python programming chops.

Looking back with binoculars

Watchpoints is a simple but powerful tool to help you with monitoring variables while debugging Python.
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PyPI's JSON API is a machine-readable source of the same kind of data you can access while browsing the website.
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Jupyter notebooks take the IPython shell to the next level.
Colorful sound wave graph

VizTracer traces concurrent Python programs to help with logging, debugging, and profiling.
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Implementing data structures with dictionaries helps you access information more quickly.
video editing dashboard

Three years ago I chose Openshot as my Linux video editing software of choice. See why it's still my favorite.
Python in a coffee cup.

Virtual environments are key to safely tinkering with different versions of Python and combinations of packages
Looking at a map for career journey

Working remotely during my summer internship didn't hinder my ability to contribute my Python skills or learn new capabilities.