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Python is a popular programming language in open source circles. Read the article collection to find out about Python's welcoming community, learn how to get started programming in Python, and scripts for improving your Python programming chops.

EduBlocks brings a Scratch-like GUI to writing Python 3 code.
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Meet Mu, an open source editor that makes it easy for students to learn to code Python.
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Learn about a few favorite Python libraries worth checking out.
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New Linux tool, curt, uses the perf command's Python scripting capabilities to analyze system...
Open community, gardeners and food co-op

A few days ago, Guido van Rossum , creator of the Python programming language and Benevolent...
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Learn how to install and configure DevPI in this helpful tutorial..
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One of the best aspects of the popular Python testing tool is its robust ecosystem. Here are eight...
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In the third part in a series comparing Python frameworks, learn about Tornado, built to handle...