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Python is a popular programming language in open source circles. Read the article collection to find out about Python's welcoming community, learn how to get started programming in Python, and scripts for improving your Python programming chops.

Whether you're a new or experienced user, you'll learn something new about Python and containers in these videos.
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This 12-step checklist will ensure a successful launch.

Go beyond pandas, scikit-learn, and matplotlib and learn some new tricks for doing data science in Python.

PySpark allows Python programmers to interface with the Spark framework to manipulate data at scale and work with objects over a distributed filesystem.
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This image-recognition tool can be adapted for many subjects.
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Simple tool generates large database files with multiple tables to practice SQL commands for data science.
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Master machine learning, AI, and deep learning with Python.
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R or Python? This Python script mimics convenient R-style functions for doing statistics nice and easy.