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Progress of science thanks to software being open source

mMass software code

Over the last months, I became more and more aware of the "open" movement. "Open" as in open access, open source, open data, open science. » Read more


PolitwOOPs! Deleted tweets from politicians never die

Donkey elephant oops

A brief tweet from Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) recently invited you to see her newly-decorated apartment and head-to-toe fashions. The problem? It wasn't her apartment. The link led to the website of a staffer in her press office and was promptly deleted from Twitter fifty-seven seconds later. Looks like someone got their social media accounts mixed up.

That might be the end of the story, except the gaffe lives on through Politwoops, an archive of deleted tweets from U.S. politicians hosted by the Sunlight Foundation. » Read more


Snake charmers unite at PyCon 2012

PyCon 2012

This month Santa Clara, CA, hosted the largest snake charmer gathering in history—but not the mass of individuals holding flutes, wearing turbans, and playing seductively at wicker baskets you might be imagining. Rather, this crowd was more likely to be found staring at laptops than a venomous snake at the other end of a pungi. This was PyCon, a conference dedicated to charmers of the python programming language. » Read more


Community-building and diversity take-aways from PyCon 2011

Here at PyCon2011, there are quite a few open source rock stars in attendance. Software hackers of various stripes, developers from the corporate and community realms, and many other technically savvy and interested folks. » Read more


You can make money with open source. Literally.

This is an old story--two years old, to be specific. But it was new to me when I heard it at LinuxCon, and it was new to a lot of others in the room too. And it was a great story, so I wanted to share it further.

In 2008, the Dutch Ministry of Finance held a competition to design a coin that would honor the country's architecture.

To briefly describe the coin, on one side is a portrait of » Read more