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Python is a popular programming language in open source circles. Read the article collection to find out about Python's welcoming community, learn how to get started programming in Python, and scripts for improving your Python programming chops.

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Put some automation behind your daily writing with Jupyter and Python.
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Jupyter is much more than a data-analysis tool. Learn about some of the most creative ways you can use the Python-based software.
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VizTracer visualizes and traces Python code to provide greater insight into how the code works.
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Download the JupyterLab cheat sheet to make it easier to use the Jupyter user interface.
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Get to know Python the fun way using the step-by-step instructions in our new eBook.
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Protect against unexpected and unwelcome surprises by using venv in Python.
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Python once again takes on Charles Babbage's Difference Engine.
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Hear what happens when your hero fights, jumps, collects loot, and more by adding sounds to your game. Learn how in the 13th article in this series on creating a platformer in Pygame.