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Sysadmins are the unsung heros of the technology world. The SysAdmin article collection includes open source tools for admins, career-related advice, handy how-tos, news, and interviews.

tree roots breaking through brick wall

Even smart admins can make bad decisions.

Learn how to save time doing updates with the Ansible IT automation engine.
How to get into DevOps

These tips might be helpful for sysadmins or developers looking to transition into DevOps.
Tools in a tool box

Choosing the "best of" anything is always challenging, and choosing 's best sysadmin...
7 superpowers for Fedora bcc/BPF performance analysis

Look deeply into your Linux code with these Berkeley Packet Filter (BPF) Compiler Collection (bcc)...
Happy birthday

The Fortran compiler, introduced in April 1957, was the first optimizing compiler, and it paved the...

No time for commands? Scheduling tasks with cron means programs can run but you don't have to stay...
Best couple of cats

Our annual "Best Couple" award has expanded to a trio of applications that combine to manage server...