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Sysadmins are the unsung heroes of the technology world. The sysadmin article collection includes open source tools for admins, career-related advice, and handy how-to's.

People work on a computer server

As many have found, the lure of the Perl is hard to resist.

42 answers to the big questions about life, the universe, and everything else about Security-...
downhill sign on a road

Using dev test methods in the ops environment may catch potential infrastructure issues before they...
A sysadmin's guide to network management

A reference list of Linux utilities and commands makes managing servers and networks easier.
tools in the cloud with security

Administering networks and systems can get very stressful when the workload piles up. Nobody really...
My first sysadmin mistake

How to focus on finding a solution amid the panic.
stack of books

This reading list includes some uncommon books to fine tune your DevOps practice.
tree roots breaking through brick wall

Even smart admins can make bad decisions.