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Sysadmins are the unsung heroes of the technology world. The sysadmin article collection includes open source tools for admins, career-related advice, and handy how-to's.

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Avoid these common test automation mistakes in the era of DevOps and Agile.
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The practice of yoga offers sysadmins valuable lessons in self-examination.

Terrifying ghosts are hanging around every data center, just waiting to haunt the unsuspecting sysadmin.

Put Ansible in a container using the Minishift container orchestrator.
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Common techniques used to balance network traffic come with advantages and trade-offs.
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Find and fix outlier events that create issues before they trigger severe production problems.

Scaling up your infrastructure is especially challenging when the next data center is on another continent.
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The SRE role is common in large enterprises, but smaller businesses need it, too.