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The user interface (UI) or user experience (UX) is how a person interacts with software. Improve your software's UI/UX to attact and retain users with tips from Opensource.com writers.

Digital images of a computer desktop

A proof of concept using AndroidXML and TotalCross provides an easier way of creating UIs for Raspberry Pi and other devices.
Conversations happening between cubicles

Putting users' needs at the center of the open source development conversation is key to creating software they can't live without.
An arrow clicking a change button

Strategic design can help you form a coherent "big picture" strategy across multiple projects to...
Open innovation

Web developer Michael Dyrynda talks about his experience with Patternfly.
Open source skills

Leslie Hinson sits down with Andrés Galante, an expert HTML and CSS coder who travels the world...
Lightning in a bottle

Testing is, by definition, challenging. If bugs were easy to find, they wouldn't be there in the...
Open lightbulbs.

Interview with Bermon Painter on design for open source projects and shutting down BlendConf.
blank background that says your image here

Ginny Hamilton reports from Garth Braithwaite's session on design in open source at the All Things...