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Our video editing articles describe software, tools, and techniques to help people create better videos and share them on the web.

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Use OBS, OpenShot, and Audacity to create videos to teach your learners.
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Three years ago I chose Openshot as my Linux video editing software of choice. See why it's still my favorite.
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Stream Deck is not just a keypad full of shiny buttons; it's a customizable workhorse that makes it easier to manage your video streams.
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Take control of your streaming with these open source supporting tools that simplify WebSockets.
An old-fashioned video camera

If you have something to say, a skill to teach, or just something fun to share, broadcast it to the world with OBS.
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Video.js is a widely used protocol that will serve your live video stream to a wide range of devices.
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Learn how to get up and running with the basic functionality of Kodi and more!
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GStreamer's WebRTC implementation eliminates some of the shortcomings of using WebRTC in native apps, server applications, and IoT devices.