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hot keys for shortcuts or features on computer keyboard

Learn more about Kaltura for your video editing needs.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences teams with the Linux Foundation to launch the...
internet browser windows overlapping

Ah, so many file formats—especially audio and video ones—can make for fun times if you get a file...
open video camera

This open source tool makes it simple to convert old videos to new formats.
Blender Hotkey Cheat Sheet

With this cheat sheet, you'll find yourself comfortably cruising along in Blender.
Add subtitles to your web videos with Amara

Check out this open source platform for creating multilingual, closed caption subtitles.
Why the animated series 'Lunatics!' chose open source tools

Lunatics! creators needed a better way to manage people and assets for the growing animated series...
The current state of Linux video editing 2018

It's pretty well known that Linux is a big deal in modern movie making. Linux is the standard base...