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Our video editing articles describe software, tools, and techniques to help people create better videos and share them on the web.

video editing dashboard

Video.js is a widely used protocol that will serve your live video stream to a wide range of devices.
video editing dashboard

Learn how to get up and running with the basic functionality of Kodi and more!
An intersection of pipes.

GStreamer's WebRTC implementation eliminates some of the shortcomings of using WebRTC in native apps, server applications, and IoT devices.
hot keys for shortcuts or features on computer keyboard

Set up a basic live streaming server on a Linux or BSD operating system.
Open design for paper airplane

Open source SVG: The writing is on the wall
hot keys for shortcuts or features on computer keyboard

Learn more about Kaltura for your video editing needs.
Open video

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences teams with the Linux Foundation to launch the Academy Software Foundation.
Several media players

Change audio and video file formats from one type to another with these easy-to-use tools.