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Our video editing articles describe software, tools, and techniques to help people create better videos and share them on the web.

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With this cheat sheet, you'll find yourself comfortably cruising along in Blender.
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Check out this open source platform for creating multilingual, closed caption subtitles.
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'Lunatics!' creators select these open source tools to manage their growing animated series.
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Linux is a big deal in modern movie-making. Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional, you can find Linux software that meets your needs.
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VCRs won't be around forever. Here's how to convert your old VHS tapes to digital format in just a few steps.
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Learn more about using Subversion, Trac, and Resource Space to manage digital assets.
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Whether you're doing audio, graphics, video, animation, or any combination of them, there's an open source tool that will help you produce professional-level results.
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In the final of this three-part series, hit the 'record' button on speakers' live presentations and learn to solve common problems.