Diego Pino Navarro

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New York City, NY, US or Viña Del Mar, Chile (depends on the weather)

Diego is a pet and human-friendly systems architect and open source software developer from Chile. He enjoys working on Linked Data, Web Semantics, IIIF, questioning AI and exploring open and scalable ways of describing and preserving human knowledge, all while helping others to implement open source digital repository solutions and solving interdisciplinary problems via computer science and empathy.

At METRO, Diego manages the digital services team that advances and supports our Objects Repository ecosystem. He also develops and leads the OSS Archipelago architecture (our very own and unique take on Open Source Digital Repositories) and tries to facilitate this work by providing tools and software solutions for everyday needs in our field. He really enjoys helping others.

When not developing, dreaming about code or walking dogs, he likes to build LEGOs, build toys, cook for others and do hobby research on reef ecosystems.

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