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This month on, we highlighted the many ways to get involved in open source communities in our Getting Started series. In the spirit of encouraging more members of our community to take the plunge and get involved with open source, we're excited to announce the Getting Started Giveaway, where we'll be awarding one lucky community member a LulzBot Mini 3D printer!

The Mini is the perfect 3D printer for new makers looking to experiment with open source software and hardware. It can print creations of up to 152x152x158mm in size and ships with a one-year warranty and a year of technical support. Best of all, LulzBot manufacturer Aleph Objects freely licenses its product designs, specifications, and documentation as part of its commitment to open source and open hardware. The LulzBot Mini retails from the store for $1,250 (USD).

To enter for a chance to win, complete these two easy steps by January 29 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time:

Don't forget to read our official rules to make sure you're eligible.


I would love to use this in the library at Fairview High School. I currently working on creating a makerspace/area out of one of our workrooms. I have four 3D printers that need to be repaired and need to find someone that works on them.

What brand/model are the 3d printers? I'm in the Denver area, and would be willing to provide help/guidance.

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