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Articles and series about getting started in open source. We share tutorials, tips, and advice—plus, great open source projects and communities for those new to open source.


Inkscape for absolute beginners

Unleash your creativity with Inkscape, fun, powerful, free, and open source software for creating...
Learn how to program in Python by building a simple dice game

Learn how to program in Python by building a simple dice game.
Getting started with ImageMagick

Learn common ways to view and modify images with this lightweight image editor.
Making your first open source contribution

Puppet Labs software engineer shares how to become a contributor to open source projects.
Which is the best programming language for beginners?

What is the best language for a budding programmer to get their start with? There are probably as many opinions about which language is best for...
How to join a technical community

Following a few simple steps can ease your transition into a community.
Win a LulzBot Mini 3D printer in our giveaway

In the spirit of encouraging more members of our community to take the plunge and get involved with...
Shell scripting: An introduction to the shift method and custom functions

This an introduction to the shift method of parsing options as well as creating custom functions...