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Articles and series about getting started in open source. We share tutorials, tips, and advice—plus, great open source projects and communities for those new to open source.


Help your friends dump their proprietary operating systems and make the move to open source.
Did your first pull request get accepted?

Contributing to open source projects can be an overwhelming experience, and some project are more welcoming to newcomers than others. What was your experience like?
A quick and easy way to make your first open source contribution

The First Contributions project bridges the gap between projects looking for new contributors and those trying to get started in open source.
Inkscape for absolute beginners

Unleash your creativity with Inkscape, fun, powerful, free, and open source software for creating scalable vector graphics.
keyboard with connected dots

Python is a good language for young and old, with or without any programming experience.
Getting started with ImageMagick

Learn common ways to view and modify images with this lightweight image editor.
Get started with open source, orange flames

Puppet Labs software engineer shares how to become a contributor to open source projects.
Which is the best programming language for beginners?

What is the best language for a budding programmer to get their start with? There are probably as many opinions about which language is best for...