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Articles and series about getting started in open source. We share tutorials, tips, and advice—plus, great open source projects and communities for those new to open source.


5 ways to expand your project's contributor base

Learn how project leads and maintainers encourage the growth of their contributor base.
How to get started contributing to Mozilla

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How to gain confidence to participate in open source

When participating in open source, self-confidence plays a huge role. Learn these three vital...
A behind the scenes look at Exercism for improving coding skills

Exercism helps programming students develop a high degree of fluency, even at a low level of...
Why events matter and how to do them right

Get tips for how to do events right for your open source community from Drupal Cafes organizer...
Getting started with shell scripting

Learn how to create, test, and debug scripts with our getting started tutorial.
How companies can help employees contribute to open source

Learn how companies can get started in contributing to open source projects, including encouraging...
My first three contributions to open source

A first-time contributor shares her experience with DuckDuckGo, Perforce patcher, and GitLab.