Happy birthday, KDE: 11 applications you never knew existed

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The Linux desktop environment KDE celebrates its 22nd anniversary on October 14 this year. There are a gazillion* applications created by the KDE community of users, many of which provide fun and quirky services. We perused the list and picked out 11 applications you might like to know exist.

*Not really, but there are a lot.

11 KDE applications you never knew existed

1. KTeaTime is a timer for steeping tea. Set it by choosing the type of tea you are drinking—green, black, herbal, etc.—and the timer will ding when it's ready to remove the tea bag and drink.

2. KTux is just a screensaver... or is it? Tux is flying in outer space in his green spaceship.

3. Blinken is a memory game based on Simon Says, an electronic game released in 1978. Players are challenged to remember sequences of increasing length. 

4. Tellico is a collection manager for organizing your favorite hobby. Maybe you still collect baseball cards. Maybe you're part of a wine club. Maybe you're a serious bookworm. Maybe all three!

5. KRecipes is not a simple recipe manager. It's got a lot going on! Shopping lists, nutrient analysis, advanced search, recipe ratings, import/export various formats, and more.

6. KHangMan is based on the classic game Hangman where you guess the word letter by letter. This game is available in several languages, and it can be used to improve your learning of another language. It has four categories, one of which is "animals" which is great for kids. 

7. KLettres is another app that may help you learn a new language. It teaches the alphabet and challenges the user to read and pronounce syllables.

8. KDiamond is similar to Bejeweled or other single player puzzle games where the goal of the game is to build lines of a certain number of the same type of jewel or object. In this case, diamonds.

9. KolourPaint is a very simple editing tool for your images or app for creating simple vectors.

10. Kiriki is a dice game for 2-6 players similar to Yahtzee.

11. RSIBreak doesn't start with a K. What!? It starts with an "RSI" for "Repetitive Strain Injury," which can occur from working for long hours, day in and day out, with a mouse and keyboard. This app reminds you to take breaks and can be personalized to meet your needs.

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I actually use KTeaTime and KolourPaint, they're not that foreign if you need timer and simple image editor (it's a paint app, but I abuse it a little as image editor, mainly to annotate screenshots).

I knew about KolourPaint and KHangMan

RSIBreak is a tool I can't wait to tell colleagues about who have complained about similar symptoms. Taking a break is recommended but time typically flies by and we forget to take breaks. A nice reminder is a smart solution to prevent injury.

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