7 Raspberry Pi projects to explore

7 Raspberry Pi projects to explore

Let's celebrate Raspberry Pi Day this year with a few of our favorite projects.

Raspberry Pi and a light board
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A few folks from our writer community weighed in to share their favorite Raspberry Pi projects to help us celebrate Raspberry Pi Day this year.

Steve Reaver's projects are built by him at home. First up, a PlayStation One case for your Raspberry Pi.

Then, watch this Lego robot go!

Finally, Steve turns a Raspberry Pi 3B+ into a PriTunl VPN (read the article), which is a VPN solution for small businesses and individuals who want private access to their network.

Two of Patrick Mullins's favorite Raspberry Pi projects are Amiberry, an ARM-based Amiga emulator for the Pi, and Amibian, a Linux operating system (which uses Amiberry) for transforming your Pi3 into an Amiga (his favorite computer of all time). Read Resurrecting the Amiga on the Raspberry Pi for more info.

Both are fairly easy to work with if you're familiar with the Raspberry Pi. (Read our series on Getting Started with the Raspberry Pi). For Amibian: Download it, create a bootable SD card, load an Amiga Kickstart ROM and Workbench ADF image, and away you go. Its lightweight, fits on a 2GB card, and is essentially the best way to experience using an Amiga without having to buy an actual Amiga. 

Chris Short built rak8s.io from various resources across the web and says this about the project:

"rak8s sprang out of a need to be able to have a lightweight lab environment to test Kubernetes configurations, applications, and proofs of concepts. Built as part of my Raspberry Pi Kubernetes Cluster setup, I wanted a low-cost way to run Kubernetes on Pis. Enter Ansible. Ansible allows for agentless deployment to Raspberry Pis as well as a simplistic syntax for beginners to work with as well."

On Twitter, Alan Formy-Duvall noticed ClockworkPi looked like a neat project: 

ClockworkPi is a game development board. See the full specs; some highlights: powerful CPU, WiFi, PMU chip, and multimedia functions; ultra-small size and running on embedded GNU/Linux.


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