Markdown beginner's cheat sheet

Learn Markdown syntax to be ready to contribute to open source software.
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Markdown is a widely adopted plain-text formatting syntax used to specify HTML rendering. It is also an essential skill to learn if you want to contribute to open source software. 

Like many concepts in open source communities, there are multiple, domain-specific distributions of Markdown. CommonMark provides an unambiguous rendering specification for defined Markdown incantations while many communities offer extensions to the official specification.

This cheat sheet provides you with a reliable baseline for writing and reading Markdown using the CommonMark specification. It also includes syntax for the two most popular Git repository services, GitHub and GitLab. Each service extends CommonMark to give users helpful shortcuts to common, or just plain fun, markup.

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I tried to update the README for an open-source project to markdown, but the maintainer said he preferred reStructured Text ??

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