Community moderator program version 1

Community moderator program version 1


This is version one of our community moderator program. Visit the program page for the latest attributes, expectations, benefits, and more.


The community moderator program will identify key contributors and advocates and provide them with a framework on how they can contribute to the community and guidelines to advise the team for future decisions about the site and community.


The team will invite new moderators twice a year by monitoring contributors who have reached Rock Star status or are approaching 100 points on the site. After a contributor has agreed to becoming an moderator, the team would send them a welcome kit that documents how they interact with the team and provide resources for them to be successful. The moderators would also receive a robust SWAG kit for their commitment.

Community moderator expectations

These are the expectations of an moderators, which are not channel/group specific.

Moderator benefits

  • Receive advisor SWAG kit
  • Receive Moderator badge on
  • Receive Comment Gardner badge and comment moderation privileges
  • Invitation to the bi-weekly moderator meeting (attendance is optional)
  • Invites to conference meet-ups with options to receive event SWAG for attending conferences and providing written reports
  • Invitation to an annual in-person meeting
  • Access to a global publishing platform and distribution system
  • Access to worldwide collaborative community of open source advocates / activists
  • Receive one vote in Moderator's Choice Award
  • Receive group moderator access on LinkedIn "Open source professionals group"
  • Addition to moderaters email list

Moderator opportunities

  • To expand professional network
  • To develop open source leadership skills
  • To be part of a global open source project
  • To meet and discuss with open source thought-leaders, advocates, and activists


If you are interested in becoming a monthly contributor or would like to be considered for a community moderator role, contact the team.