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Join the Open Source DevOps Team

How to contribute to the DevOps resource collection

If you are interested in the intersection of open source and DevOps, you've come to the right place. Join our team of DevOps practitioners and enthusiasts who want to share the open source stories happening in the world of IT. The Open Source DevOps Team is looking for writers, curators, and others who can help us cover the following themes:

  • DevOps practical how to's
  • DevOps and open source (tools, runtimes, languages, etc.)
  • DevOps and agile best practices
  • DevOps and talent
  • DevOps and culture
  • DevSecOps / Rugged software

Do you have a suggestion for a DevOps article? Submit it to Dear DevOps.

Contribute to the DevOps resource collection

If you would like to be involved, complete the following form and we'll be in touch soon. If you already have a story idea, you can submit your proposal to the editors.

Other ways to connect

  • Join our devops-stories mailing list
  • Join our #DevOps-stories Slack channel hosted by Triangle Developers
  • Submit your DevOps story idea to Dear DevOps
  • Email community manager Jason Hibbets to get involved

Open Source DevOps Team

Volunteer editorial team who help set the direction of DevOps content strategy.

  • Jason Hibbets (co-lead / community manager)
  • Chris Short (co-lead)
  • Dan Barker
  • Chris Collins
  • Jen Krieger
  • Catherine Louis
  • Aaron Rinehart