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Chris Haddad (aka cobiacomm) helps reshape IT delivery by introducing disruptive open source projects, refreshing technology platforms (think Cloud-Native), rebuild team interactions (think DevOps), and re-invent opportunity (think APIs).  He works with teams to craft IT strategy, roadmaps, platforms, architeture, and solutions that reshape IT delivery; transforming and disrupting industries.  In collaboration together, we can blend proven best practices, next-generation architectural patterns, and successful adoption plans that will reshape your IT delivery, refresh your technology platform, and rebuild team interactions around DevOps processes. 

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Excellent point Luis. While profits and shareholder value are important capitalistic goals, the path to profit and value lies in delivering excellent customer service. Open source ompanies that offer a useful service (i.e. training, development support, production patches, architecture guidance, project risk mitigation) will garner revenue (and if well managed, profit).

Hi Jen, Sharing bad code is just, well, bad! Automated tests executing on a code commit pre-hook can help identify bad code (before the code works it's way into the central repo). With distributed version control systems, the team can structure a development process whereby code must migrate across several gates and undergo human review, static code analysis, integration tests, and regression tests before gaining enough release karma.