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Open*Education: 2011 in review

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There is something about a new year that always seems so promising and energizing. It doesn’t seem like too long ago we were saying thank heavens for 2011, and now it’s time to bring in 2012. Before we close this chapter, let’s take a quick look at the ten most popular articles in the education community for 2011, starting with number ten and counting down.

10. How open source tools can create balanced learning environments

9. Students in open source--How do I get started?

8. What a classroom will look like in 10 years

7. Open source software gains ground in higher education

6. Critical thinking: Why our students need it and resources for teaching it

5. Montessori and the open source way

4. How To: Founding an Open Source Software Center at a University

3. How to teach the next generation of open source with Scratch

2. Preventing disruptive technologies from disrupting education

1. Free Software University

One of my personal favorite memories from 2011 was meeting the professors who participated in POSSE 2011 in Raleigh. In the digital world we now live in, you can go months or years before you actually get to put a name and face together and hold a real-time conversation, so I was excited when I heard POSSE was being held in Raleigh.

As we head into 2012, please let me know if you have ideas or feedback for this education community. My ears are always open.

Best wishes in 2012!


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