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Open source solutions are improving how students learn—and how instructors teach—in communities around the world. Read the fascinating and inspiring stories we've collected about how open source is influencing education at all levels.

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This flexible publishing platform can replace traditional word processing in classrooms and educational settings.
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There are three types of books that are a must to grow your career in technology. Plus, three open source libraries to learn from.
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When a wife teaches a husband some new tech skills, they both learn a lot more than they expect.
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Improve your Spanish language skills with Creative Commons and public domain learning resources.
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A roundup of open source tools ideal for teaching physics (and other subjects).
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If you're looking for scientific computing software, but can't afford the leading proprietary solution, check out these open source options.
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Explore new technologies with's top 12 articles from 2019 about learning an open source technology.
4 books that spell out open

Get our list of books to give as gifts or add to your own wishlist this holiday season.