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Open source solutions are improving how students learn—and how instructors teach—in communities around the world. Read the fascinating and inspiring stories we've collected about how open source is influencing education at all levels.

Women programming

After a long year of putting plans on hold, declining COVID case numbers in the United States are bringing back community-based programming courses.
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To help you get the most out of your summer, but also satiate the real need to plan for the coming school year, we've collected some of our favorite concise guides to help you plan.
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By going all-in on Linux, teacher Robert Maynord ensured his school was ready for remote learning—even before it needed to be.
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If you're looking for scientific computing software, but can't afford the leading proprietary solution, check out these open source options.
Teacher or learner?

Hedy is a new programming language designed specifically for teaching people to code.
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Use plugins to give your e-learning platform new capabilities that motivate students.
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Contributing to open source gives students the real-world experience required to land a good job.
Teacher or learner?

The Beyond program connects future talents in the tech industry with open source culture.