Gabriella Coleman talks Education, Human Rights and Social Change

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Just like last year, a few folks from the video team here at Red Hat went to the Open Video Conference. This year we met Gabriella Coleman, an assistant professor of Media, Culture and Communication at NYU, Steinhardt. We got the opportunity to listen to her talk about human rights videos, education, and understanding the responsibilities that come with posting media. She's done some wonderful work on her own, which you can see on her blog--a fascinating read. She does great work elsewhere as well: 

 On trolling. More trolling.
On Wikileaks.
In the first part of the two videos we have here, Gabriella talks about educating children about media, the myth of the digital generation, and the divide that is becoming apparent in this new digital age we all live in.

In part two, Gabriella goes on to discuss human rights footage, distribution, viewer fatigue, and the other necessary elements to be an agent of social change.
Stay tuned to what Gabriella's up to as she works on the last phases of her book, and definitely follow her on Twitter.
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