Open education: Are Google and Chromebook helping or hurting?

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There has been a good bit of press covering Google's Chromebook and how it will change, how it won't change, or how it could potentially change education.

What do you think GoogleChromebook does for open education? Or maybe I should ask: Can Google help create a more open platform for education? Or are they simply muddying the water?

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I think that any viable device introduced into the education system which fulfilled the role of multi-media viewer, data recorder and electronic textbook would make a difference to education. It fascinates me that this has been such a struggle.

I think that Google's track record has been pretty good at making its services available in ways that are reasonable and useful for consumers. It has been a steady promoter of open development. They seem to consistently work from a position of providing to the masses, rather than an elite class. These seem to be qualities that would work well for a true educational solution.

This solution can come from anyone who will see it all the way to the end.

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Everything that can be apply to improve education is a plus...If I can have people helping me to build an ___?_____that provides scholarships to students using the the internet i will..I have the plan but need the Tech devices..I know i can improve ducation by that and giving useful e-books for free to those that are students and sponsors..yes education is better with devices and new tech.